Buddy and Small Group Trainig

Buddy Training Sessions for Double the Results

Sometimes it’s easier to train with a buddy, for confidence, motivation, encouragement and accountability. The Body Hub designs specific buddy sessions to help you both realise your goals.

Whether you are friends, lovers or colleagues, we realise that you probably aren’t identical and your training won’t be either.

Having a buddy to train with you improves confidence for both of you and opens up opportunities for different types of workouts that don’t work as well alone.  It’s really good for your relationship too as you face your achievements and challenges together.

Small Group Training

What to expect – whether you’re new to exercise or experienced, you’re sure to enjoy the benefits our groups will bring to you:

  • Great for building muscle tone and core strength
  • Lose weight and reduce body fat
  • Greater stamina to boost energy levels
  • Mental clarity and motivation
  • Every session has lots of variety
  • It’s great to work out with friends, who will push you to work harder!


Refer a friend to The Body Hub and receive a free session!

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What’s different about The Body Hub buddy sessions?

Proven track record

Well-equipped studio

Boxing buddies

Progressive programming

Personal Training for real people

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