Seniors Personal Training

Personal Fitness Sessions Just for Seniors!

It’s so important to stay fit and healthy in our older years, especially as these years can bring many delibitating illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, heart problems and osteoporosis to name just a few!

However, you can help to delay the onset of these problems and improve your balance, mobility and general fitness in the process. The Body Hub has bespoke programs for our Senior friends all based around your fitness level and future goals. These programs will also help:

  • Improved muscle mass
  • Greater bone density
  • Stronger core stability
  • Increased joint flexibility

We’re not part of a large, noisy “youngsters” gym, rather we operate in a private, boutique studio, so you can train on your own or with a friend to achieve your goals. 

Move Freely With Mobility Training

It’s never too late to start mobility training. Your mobility is always something you can improve and The Body Hub team is experienced in developing a successful 1:1 training sessions to build and maintain mobility for you, regardless of your circumstance.

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What’s different about The Body Hub’s personal training sessions?

Adam's Proven Track Record

Brand New Studio In Umina

Honest, Supportive & Educational

Progressive & Adaptive Programming

Customised & Tailored Programs For Every Individual

New Location – 204 West St, Umina Beach

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“Adam from The Body Hub is hands down the best trainer on the coast. His sessions are always different and designed to match you and your abilities. He is a great motivator and always keeps me on track!”
Samantha, Davistown

Book a consultation – completely free of charge!