How can I keep active when I sit down all day at my job?

Great question.  It’s actually pretty easy to incorporate movement into situations where you’re sitting down most of the day. The most important thing is to sit less. Then, when we’re sitting, use the correct chair.

Walk and talk

Meetings are often spent sitting at tables. If possible, suggest a walking meeting with others and walk while you talk.  Record your conversation instead of taking notes.  Stand up while speaking on the phone too – your voice will be clearer and your back will thank you (though possibly your co-workers won’t!)

Bend and stretch

Good work practice includes taking regular breaks from screens and from sitting. Every hour or so, move away from the screen, get up and walk around. Stretch your hands, arms, neck, back and legs to avoid getting stiff. And please don’t slouch!

Some workplaces schedule a 10 minute fitness break each day where teams get together to do simple stretches or to walk around the block. It’s a great investment in morale, team building and problem-solving as well as being great for your health. Perhaps you could suggest it?

Drink and thrive

Feeling tired?  Instead of heading straight for the coffee grab a glass of water and drink that first or fill a reusable bottle and sip water at your desk.  Hydration is a great way to keep your mind clear. Then get the coffee when you’re feeling more alert. And avoid adding sugar if you can.

The Right stuff

Sometimes called ‘the new smoking’, sitting is now the largest occupational risk for workers who spend way their time sitting down at the desk or on the road.  You need to have the right chair and to have it properly adjusted for your height and for the type of work you do.

These are just some ideas and are a great way to start. Why not tell us at The Body Hub about other answers you’ve found to this important question.

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